Welcome to the NC 54 Corridor Study Website. The purpose of this study is to better understand how the NC 54 corridor is utilized and document the unique resources along this historic route.

Study Report Update

Draft Report Released!  NEW

 Draft Final Report (Adobe PDF, 23.0MB)

Community Meetings Update

 Thank you for your participation at our Community Meetings, we learned:

  • Existing safety concerns include high-speed vehicle passing in no-passing lanes, poor visibility, and left turning vehicle conflicts along the corridor and certain intersections.
  • Preserving the agricultural/rural character of the corridor and protecting the environmentally sensitive watershed is important. Farm equipment uses the NC54 corridor frequently, and future improvements should consider these wide turning/slow moving vehicles.
  • Development pressure near the western end of the corridor will likely influence future traffic patterns through the eastern end of the corridor.
  • The future vision for the corridor should consider bicycle and pedestrian modes, as well as the potential for transit park-and-ride.

Please read through the Community Meeting #1 Summary (Adobe PDF, 0.8MB) and Community Meeting #2 Summary (Adobe PDF, 1.1MB) for more details.

 Here is how will we use this information moving forward:

  • Prioritizing certain intersections for improvement and tie these improvements to the Market Analysis findings and feedback from residents/stakeholders.
  • Tailoring potential roadway cross-sections to the issues that are important to residents and suggest a context sensitive treatment.
  • Sought public feedback on roadway cross-section concepts during Community Meeting round #2.
  • Identify appropriate corridor sections with logical termini that will score highly in the STIP process.

The project team will use this website, and other tools, to engage with residents and commuters along the corridor. Please share your comments or questions with us and help us identify what locations make this corridor unique or challenging.

Study Overview

The NC 54 Corridor Study is an in-depth review of the 20+ mile stretch of NC 54 between Old Fayetteville Road in Carrboro and I-85 in Graham. This regionally significant roadway helps 6,000 to 15,000 vehicles per day reach work, schools, and stores, so local governments are interested in opportunities and strategies to improve the roadway and support the communities alongside it.  Learn more »

Study Objective

The goal of this study is to develop a long-term vision for this corridor, including the NC 54 roadway itself and the surrounding communities. This vision is comprehensive, as it will address preservation of the area's character, economic opportunity and vitality, environmental sensitivity, and transportation improvements for all users (drivers, freight, pedestrians, bicyclists, etc.).  Learn more »

Study News

 Draft Report Posted

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 Community Meeting #2 Summary Posted

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 Study Newsletter #2 Posted

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 Community Meeting #1 Summary Posted

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